Risk Management Software

Knowllence proposes several risk management software to support your hazard analysis, at several levels of your organisation.


Risk Assessment

Enterprise Risk Management & GDPR


Health Safety Environment

TDC Sécurité


Quality in Design

Robust Engineering Suite


Quality in Manufacturing

Robust Manufacturing Suite


MD: ISO 14971 & IEC_62366

Medical Device Suite


HACCP, Risk Machinery

Other Risks

Software for Quality and Robustness in Design

Robust Engineering Suite

Logiciels méthodologiques pour la conception

A Software Suite to Produce Functional Analysis, Design FMEA and Process FMEA


Need Analysis Software

Software for Functional Analysis of Needs, Functional Performance Specification (FPS) and Value Management


Logiciel Structure Analyse Fonctionnelle Interne

Software for Technical Functional Analysis: Block Diagram, FAST, SADT, FAC.


Software for Design FMEA, Product FMEA, Process FMEA, AIAG or VDA, generic studies.

Medical Device Suite

Logiciel RM 14971

ISO 14971 Risk Management, IEC 62366 Useability Engineering and Medical Device Design Process !

Software for Quality in Manufacturing, HACCP and Enterprise Risk Management

Robust Manufacturing Suite

robust manufacturing

Process FMEA Software including control plan, process flowchart, job instructions, etc.


logiciel haccp HACCP Software will help you to implement and respect HACCP Method. Manage your ISO 22000 Risks!

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management Software

Map your business risks and manage your action plans (ISO 9001:2015, ONR 49000)

Health, Safety and Environment Software

Occupational Risk Assessment

Logiciel document unique et EvRP

Software for Occupational Risk Assessment, job instructions, action plan.

Work-Related Accidents

logiciel accident du travail

Analysis and Management of Word-Related Accidents, statistics and reports, action plan.

Prevention Plan

logiciel plan de prévention 185A software to manage co-activity, prevention plan, security protocols

Painfulness at Work

Software for Painfulness at work

Identify painful situation, manage exposures to painfulness factors, link with Occupational Risk Assessment Report and Chemical Safety Assessment

Psycho-Social Risks

Software for Psycho-Social Risks Pre-Diagnosis (PSR)

Evaluate the psycho-social risks using the French INRS methodology (ED-6140)

Chemikal Risks

Software for Chemical Safety Assessment

Software for Chemical Safety Assessment (Health, Safety, Environment) according to INRS ND 2233.



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