Logiciel HACCP de Knowllence

HACCP Software By Knowllence: Manage ISO 22000 Risks!

Helps for the HACCP Risk Management

Knowllence HACCP software helps implementing and respecting the HACCP methodology

  • It suggests carrying out a tree of the operations to analyse and a process modelization diagram, which enables to work clearly understanding the operation chain,
  • Thanks to its customization easiness, it adapts to various HACCP standards (medical laboratory, food processing, pharmaceutical, …),
  •  It helps to implement and develop the methodology among the concerned teams,
  • It allows by its easy-to-use design a work group use,
  • It enables to handle easily the meetings (invitations, outcome, pdf-format document dispatching), generate inter-project sort, and ensure the follow-up of corrective actions, etc…

Knowllence HACCP Software Is A Very Strong Tool For Daily Job.

  • It allows you any kind of sorts thanks to customizable graphic filters. You will hence easily isolate a critical point serie to work it out in a work group, same for corrective action achievement follow-up.
  • Color codes will clearly and quickly stress the critical points of a project, for a fast glance reading.

Knowllence HACCP Software is easy-to-use, allows special copy / paste : of fields, operations but also complete study under-groups, within the study or inter-study.

Capitalization and traceability

  • HACCP enable data capitalization and ensure a reliable traceability thanks to cumulative generic design
  • You automatically or manually enrich the generic(s) from which HACCP studies are originated. Hence, you pass on current study information generics, capitalize and share knowledge.
  • Libraries enable to capitalize most commonly met elements : danger, corrective actions, … so you will share information between studies and users.

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