TDC Sécurité: Occupational Health Safety and Environment Software

Pilot the Safety of Your Teams!

Knowllence team is able to support the computerization of your data and repositories in the field of Health and Safety at Work, and of Environmental Management.

TDC Sécurité is a modular software that enables you to share all information concerning Occupational Health Safety and Environment in the same multilingual database.

Your Benefits When Using TDC Sécurité

  • Pilot your Occupational Health and Safety activity
  • Focus your HSE activity on Real Risks Management and the actions it implies rather than administrative paperwork.
  • Be in compliance with the regulations with much less effort.
  • Save a lot of time for updates and printing of documents.
  • work in a collaborative mode with your managers by keeping the entire control of the actions.
  • Interfacing with your current IT system, in particular your HR software / payroll or action plan management systems.
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