TEEXMA for Quality

Non-compliances, 8D, QRQC, Audit, Feedback

TEEXMA for Quality

The quality approach within a company constitutes an important stake. It enables to demonstrate that at all your organisation levels, the implied actors follow formalised and clear tasks and that the control systems guarantee product, service, or provision, always better proposal to clients.

From the TEEXMA for Quality professional software, it becomes simple to cross-cut the error resolving to all your organization sectors. This way, you can struggle against the information attrition and gain time in the non-compelling treatment if an identical root cause has already been identified and treated in the past.
With the help of an effective and context adaptable workflow system, structure your organization without restraining it.

Main Challenges:

  • Meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard and the ones of each sector (IATF 16949, EN 9100, GMP, 21 CFR Part 11, etc.)
  • Ensure the non-compelling, failures, damage, gaps monitoring
  • Set up a reliable and mutual repository
  • Help the problem resolution with various methods: 8D, PDCA, QRQC
  • Monitor the immediate, corrective or preventive action treatment
  • Reduce significantly your administrative loads
  • Formalize the non-compliance analysis and resolution
  • Master the accesses and validation of all documentation related to non-compliance (reports, standards, etc.)
  • Generate reliable indicators on your quality process
  • Guarantee the traceability of your quality information
  • Gain time during information research

The Practice we support with TEEXMA for Quality :

Non-compliances management / Failures / damages / Deviances

  • Declare the non-compliances, etc…
  • Analyze the non-compliance
  • Set up an action plan
  • Follow an action plan, monitor the status of the non-compliance
  • Be alerted of the actions to lead, be able to follow their treatment
  • Validate and settle the non-compliances
  • Edit automatically reports of non-compliance
  • Consult the on-moment failures on identical equipment

Benefits of TEEXMA for Quality

  • Gain time in your non-compliance management
  • Have a global view on the totality of your non-compliance
  • Be reactive and set up rapidly action plans to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Analyze the recurrence causes setting up easily preventive actions
  • Avoid input mistakes from thanks to the automatic document edition
  • Beneficiate a better job process traceability
  • Easily follow the problem resolution from the widget and KPI
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