Management of FMEA action plan is the foundation of the continuous improvement process, and we have integrated it into our FMEA tool.

The action plan is integrated with the same database as the FMEA charts, control plan, manufacturing flow chart, inspection procedures, and work instructions.

For FMEAs, the action plan helps reduce the criticality of risks by lowering the occurrence AND/OR the detection score(s). The 2019 AIAG & VDA Handbook integrates the action plan in Step 6: Optimization

Plan, Do, Check, Act!

The fundamental principles of a FMEA action plan are:

  • Each action is attributed to a single person and is given a deadline for completion.
  • Monitoring of actions is performed at regular intervals by the FMEA leader or the project manager to ensure convergence and to measure possible discrepancies.
  • Effectiveness of actions is validated through the measurement of the discrepancy compared to the initial situation.
  • Significant implication for each person responsible for the actions if they contributed to the analysis of the initial situation through the FMEA approach.

How do we DIRECT the actions?

Robust Manufacturing Suite has an integrated action management tool where each action can be attributed to one or several lines in the FMEA chart (or cause of failure):

  • You can optimize the actions and create synergies within the same action plan.
  • Directing or leading a FMEA is a streamlined process.
  • A simple query sorts the action by a responsible party or deadline, for example.
  • A summary report prioritizes the actions by project risk (Risk Priority Number or Action Priority), state of advancement, and convergence.
  • The list of actions can be sent via email (or exported as an Excel or PDF file) to people who need to know about the updates.

Dynamic summaries for multiple projects

You can extract a summary of the action plan in a dynamic form at each step of the project to:

  • Make project reviews easier
  • Give clear indicators to management
  • Present actions in chart form, as indicators, or even as a Gantt chart

Action Facilitator

Action Facilitator synchronizes all the company actions in a single interface:

  • If you use several Knowllence tools or programs, Action Facilitator centralizes all of your action plans: Design FMEA, Process FMEA, DRBFM, RM14971, and TDC Sécurité.
  • Be more precise when monitoring actions with Action Facilitator’s integrated workflow management.
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