TDC Suite becomes Robust Engineering Suite: Functional analyses, FMEA and Fault Tree Analysis.

Collaborative database enabling you to centralise and structure the “design” data.
Functional Analyses & Design / Process FMEA



Software Suite for the New Product / Process Design Process

This software suite enables you to capture the voice of the customer, needs and internal constraints, to identify and resolve the associated risks.

The benefits will enable you to:

  • capture, organise and ensure the consistency of the design data throughout the design process
  • save a lot of time during the meetings (in animation) and on your updates
  • provide modular tools to comply with your repository
  • capitalise knowledge with the help of cumulative generic studies
  • ensure the traceability of all the data (not only at the document level)
  • Interface with your information system (DMS, SPC, Tolerance, Requirements Management, PDM, etc.)
  • pilot the activity of the project team and automatically generate reports and statistics.
Robust Engineering Suite Modules

Need : Functional Analysis of Need and Functional Performance Specifications (FPS)

Need enables you to capture the voice of the customer, to structure the actual need thanks to the Functional Analysis of Need (External Functional Analysis) in order to obtain Functional Performance Specifications (FPS).

Structure : Technical Functional Analysis software

Structure enables you to (re) design a product thanks to Functional Block diagrams, SADT, FAST, and Functional Analysis Charts.

FMEA : Design FMEA and Process FMEA Software

FMEA software enables to structure all the data of the Design / Process FMEA Studies : link between Design FMEA and Process FMEA,

FTA : Fault Tree Analysis software

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