Past Events

Hereafter the past events where Knowllence was present. You can find our collaboration with BASSETTI Group, especially regarding the new FMEA AIAG-VDA standard or our participation in the International Exhibition of Machine Tools, Manufacturing Technologies and Automation.

You can also visit our blog to have more information on other subjects or read the testimonials of some of our customers on their use of our software.

Digitized management approach by FMEA software based on AIAG-VDA 1st standard

遵循AIAG-VDA标准的FMEA软件助力您的电子化管理进程 Online Conference 在线会议 Tuesday, September 6th 2022 (2022年9月6日, 星期二) 16:00-17:00 (Beijing time) Language: Chinese 语言:中文 Click here to watch the video of TEEXMA QMS Software by BASSETTI 点击观看TEEXMA QMS软件宣传短片Click here to watch the video of...

Come and meet us at 3rd Forum FMEA Shanghai, China !

FMEA for "Trouble Free Innovations"   Forum FMEA Shanghai, China - November, 6/7 2019      Meet our Team on our booth ! We will present you the AIAG-VDA version of our FMEA software on our Bassetti Group booth, and during a conference .FMEA FORUM CHINA...

New FMEA software compatible AIAG VDA

FMEA Webinar with BASSETTI ChinaOn June 18, BASSETTI China, with the help of Knowllence, organized a webinar in China to help companies improve their FMEA process with the new software compliant with the AIAG VDA repository.With more than 25 years of experience and...

Knowllence at INTEC 2019, Leipzig, Germany

Come and meet us (5-8 february): Knowllence will be present at the Arsi-Q stand, our German partner Halle 5, Stand D06. Mr Karl Wöll and Mr Mathias Silvant will be at your disposal for any question concerning our FMEA and Teexma software.

New AIAG VDA FMEA Handbook: opportunities?

What are the opportunities for automotive and complex systems? On June 3rd, 2019, AIAG and VDA has officially published the new harmonised approach for the FMEA deployment. Discover the analysis and explanations by Knowllence through 2...

VDA FMEA Software (German standard)

VDA FMEA Software (German standard)

    This software module was compliant with the German standard VDA 4 FMEA studies We have stopped the sales to new customers, waiting the FMEA AIAG VDA Alignment, in 2018. It is of course always supported for existing Clients.     Achieve VDA...

Conference at the CSVA – Canadian Society of Value Analysis

Conference at the CSVA – Canadian Society of Value Analysis

  Integrated Computerized Tools to Efficiently Manage the Development of New Products Montreal on November 19th and 20th, 2007 Knowllence America will give a speech : Integrated Computerized Tools to Efficiently Manage the Development of New Products" This CSVA...

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