Faurecia Mechanisms centralises all the FMEA data – Control Plan, special characteristics and work instructions – within our FMEA Software Robust Manufacturing Suite. These data are also shared with the SPC Sesame software by Zylia Tech: it results in considerable improvement of Quality, less stress for the teams, important time-saving.

The following video has been registered during our User Club Meeting in 2015, Mr. Morin had accepted to give his feedback on the organisation and centralisation of the data implemented for Process FMEA and on the FMEA software by Knowllence.

Faurecia Mechanisms manages the following elements within the same study files:

This organisation is completed by multilingual libraries, generic studies for about 5,000 product references and interweaving with the SPC Sesame software.

Thanks to this structuring, the quality is guaranteed starting from the program up to the operator.
Faurecia Team obtains zero non-compliance results during customer audits (there are no more discrepancies between Control Plan and workplace instructions).
The FMEA solution is interwoven with the used Statistical Process Control software. Design characteristics are available in real time: capability performance, FMEA risk levels, process control. Customer relationship is facilitated by the use of a “convergence plan” summarising progress status of all corrective actions over the time.

Time-saving is considerable: time needed for the document updates is divided by 3. Thanks to the informatisation, time needed for Control Range creation is divided by 10 compared to manual creation.

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