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For more than 20 years, the teams at JTEKT Operations Irigny have been using our FMEA software to guide their FMEA studies.

JTEKT Operations Irigny rolled out the AIAG-VDA version after blended learning training. 

Have a look at what Mr. Cerqueira, project quality coordinator at JTEKT, had to say in August 2022.

How does JTEKT Operations Irigny organize FMEAs?

JTEKT: « I’m the quality coordinator for projects and series production in a four-person group led by Mr. Sylvain Buchaillard.

Everyone in this group uses TDC FMEA to carry out project development and series production FMEA studies for both machining and assembly.

We have been creating FMEAs for all logistical flows – from the arrival of components to the shipping of parts to our customers – since 2017. These analyses allow us to identify risks and implement corrective measures.

The FMEA software also lets us update our FMEAs through “Reverse FMEA” actions executed directly in our processes when our customers request it. In fact, we carry out Reverse FMEA sessions in our workshops on a regular basis using printouts and a laptop. This is how we really make up ground.

I’ve been in my job since 2008, and I’ve always known about FMEA, Robust Manufacturing Suite. The simple menus made working with the software a snap from the beginning. Training with a Knowllence professional gave us insight into the software’s more advanced functions. We continue to use and update series production projects following AIAG methodologies.

We’ve been using the AIAG-VDA version on new projects since 2022. We’re at the end of understanding the change of methodology, and the software remains easy to use.

The blended learning training module was well done and straightforward: After an initial session with the trainer, we each worked on the videos and our own examples at our own pace. The group sessions that followed allowed us to share our questions/answers.

By setting up our libraries (severity, detection, etc.), we ensure coherence between the various studies and save a significant amount of time. »

What are the advantages gained with the software?

JTEKT: « Users reach efficiency levels quickly thanks to a standardized software throughout the factory and an FMEA structure adapted to our processes.
The software design lets us send a study and action plan at the end of each meeting, allowing participants to remain engaged until the next session.

These huge advantages help establish the FMEA philosophy in our plant with a good understanding of the remarks stated in our studies.
The Production Department is requesting reading access to the studies more and more to prepare for the impact of a process change ahead of time.

On the reporting side, the configurable filter function highlights desired criteria so that participants aren’t inundated with useless information. The clear summaries help us communicate about running our studies and share the results with our customers through PPAP files.

We’ve had to contact the hotline from time to time to resolve a problem regarding setting up the AIAG/VDA format. The reactivity and efficiency allowed us to remain on time for active studies.

To sum up, it’s a great software tool that has proven its worth, even if we don’t use it to its full potential. It’s hard to judge what we’ve gained with the tool because we’ve used it forever. We’ve never had a negative comment about the software or our studies during the five or six customer audits we do annually or the IATF ones.

We are very happy with Knowllence’s FMEA software, and we have no plans to change!  »

A bit more about JTEKT Operations Irigny

JTEKT Operation Irigny, Lyon France, is a car parts manufacturer with 800 employees. They focus on:

  • Machining power-steering components
  • Assembling power steering
  • Assembling subassemblies for the company’s other sites
  • CKD logistics platform


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