iso 26262 and aiag vda webinar

Discover the new module Functional Safety with ISO 26262 by Knowllence

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How to ensure consistency between ISO 26262 and the 7 steps recommended by the AIAG VDA for FMEA?

Over the decades, automotive industry has become more reliable and safe while meeting the challenge of carrying more and more intelligence. This success is also the result of standardization work on operational safety methods.
Over the past 2 years, the main standards have been updated:

  • FMEAs of course which have reached a new scale in 2019 with the international AIAG-VDA alignment: Design FMEA, Process FMEA, Monitoring and System Response
  • ISO 26262, updated in 2018, specialized on the safety of EE (Electrical and Electronic) systems

Put end to end, the requirements resulting from these standards can lead to redundant and sometimes inconsistent analysis because they are often carried out by different teams.

During this 30 minute webinar, let us introduce you to Functional Safety with ISO 26262, a new module of Robust Engineering Suite, modular and configurable software that ensures robustness of design and industrialization, from requirements to production, with an innovative data traceability management system.

We will thus see how to keep consistency between ISO 26262 and the 7 steps recommended by the AIAG-VDA for FMEA.

At Knowllence, our software tools have always met the following ambitions:

  • To guide teams in the deployment of quality standards.
  • Strengthen collaboration and centralize analysis.
  • Structure your approaches in a consistent database.
  • Capitalize and reuse generic blocks for new projects.