Faurecia Mechanisms has been using interfacing between FMEA and SPC software for many years.

In October 2017, Mr. Graindorge from Faurecia did us the honour to testify during our Users Club. He is one of the Key Users of our FMEA software; he is responsible for the development of quality tools within the Generic Quality service, and works in the centre of Caligny.

The Caligny site is a Faurecia Mechanisms global technical centre for 3 types of products; it is completed by a production plant with 900 people.

In 2016, it was called “Mother Plant” for digitalization and its expertise.

FMEA and SPC software are of great importance in the quality system to ensure the same level of quality requirement throughout the world.

Faurecia chose two software: FMEA from Knowllence for FMEA studies and control plans; and a SPC software called SESAME.

Organisation of studies, RETEX and communication

Through the “Project Management System” (PMS), all projects are managed in the same way; through 4 milestones and project teams use in particular FMEA software for Design FMEA, Process FMEA studies and control plans. SPC software enables real-time data retrieval from factories, which allows for reliable rating of occurrence and detection criteria in the process FMEA during the work sessions.

The architecture of the FMEA files is used to architecture the SPC database.

This facilitates the management of all projects, studies and generics; and simplifies the RETEX (feedback) of factories.

Thus, the characteristics are under control, all over the world.


Organisation of FMEA and SPC studies

The organisation of files and studies is very structured, as well as the articulation between FMEAs and SPC, and between generic/master studies, and studies declined by different factories. It helps to the management of any requests for adaptation of production capacity.

FMEA studies and control plans are created within the R&D centre, in English.

The factory receiving these documents adds work instructions and measurements ranges for the SPC (in its local language). Feedback is managed in central by a General Quality Leader. 

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