Knowllence is delighted to announce that we have been chosen
to support FAURECIA
in its use of the software Suite
for functional analysis, PRA , process / design FMEA and fault trees.


Knowllence – specialized in the integration of software and service solutions in the fields of knowledge management, quality management, feasibility and reliability, and methodologies for design quality – has announced that it has been chosen by Faurecia, a world leader in automotive equipment working on six major vehicle modules (seats, cockpits, doors, acoustic packages, front ends and exhaust systems), to support the company in developing its use of the methodological Suite. Knowllence’s work with Faurecia will involve assisting the equipment supplier in improving the management of preventive risk analysis (FMEA) for all its products.

Multilingual and centered on Consistency Capitalization and Traceability, the advanced level of customization of the Robust Engineering Suite makes it a tailored, progressive software suite enhanced by developments at the request of clients such as Faurecia , who bring to it their experience.

 Val d’Usiers- Goux-les-Usiers (Doubs department), France, February 15, 2006.


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