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If you want to know more about our services and you do not have yet a dedicated sales representative, contact us at +33 (0) 381 382 950…  Or fill out the contact form by clicking here, and we will call you back within 24 hours.

Will I then have a dedicated Customer contact?

Yes, Mrs. Dominique Moyse +33 (0) 381 382 950 will be your contact to organize your project: training dates and agreement, detailed training program, notifications and certificates.

Is Knowllence a recognized training organization?

Yes, our activity declaration number is 27 25 0342 025 issued by the Prefecture of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region. The quality of our training process also allows us to be Qualiopi, so that French OPCO* can contribute to the financing of our training services.

* In France, OPCO is an organization approved by the State responsible for supporting vocational training.

Rules of procedure

Download our rules of procedure by clicking here.

How are the training dates set? Terms and conditions of access

The dates of face-to-face training on your site are fixed by mutual agreement between your training department and Knowllence, within three months according to the availability of the participants and the Knowllence trainer. They are pre-booked on the trainer’s agenda and are only confirmed and definitively reserved upon receipt of the order or the signed training agreement. This period can be shortened in case of blended learning.

What if the program proposed on the website doesn’t quite meet my needs?

On our web site, we present our training programs in their standard version, both in terms of content and duration, knowing that the proposed training are almost always those that match our customer’s needs. We can of course adapt the level, program, duration and location (on site or remotely) according to your needs. In such case, a telephone call will help us to perfectly design your future training.

What is Blended Learning?

Some of our training programs combine synchronous sessions with one of our trainers and e-learning: discover the advantages in this video

In which language?

To make it easier for your teams to use the software anywhere in the world, we can provide our services on request in French, English, German or Chinese.

Who writes the convocations?

Knowllence writes the convocations and sends them by e-mail to the company’s training manager who forwards them to the participants.

Is a training certificate provided?

At the end of the training days, Knowllence creates training certificates and sends them by e-mail to the company’s training manager.

How should the training room be equipped?

If the training is held on your premises, our trainer needs a video projector with a good resolution, a flip chart, and a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

What about the accessibility of the training facilities?

Our training courses take place on the client’s facilities, or on the internet (remotely). Accessibility to people with disabilities must therefore be managed by the client, depending on the training location chosen and the type of disability, with regard to the educational support methods.

What about Health and Safety?

Since onsite training takes place on the client’s premises, the health and safety measures and internal regulations of the site concerned will apply, supplemented, if necessary, by specific sanitary measures.

What additional equipment is required for software training?

Temporary software licenses are provided to equip the computer stations in your training room. Before the training days, you will have to provide us with the relevant IT contact, so that our technician can deliver the software and check its correct installation.

What if I have to postpone a scheduled session?

In case of postponement or cancellation within 8 days before the scheduled date, the customer agrees to pay 50% as compensation. This sum cannot be charged to the beneficiary company’s obligation to participate in continuing education and cannot be reimbursed or covered by the OPCO.

What is the recommended number of participants?

In order to guarantee a good appropriation of the concepts developed during the training, we draw your attention to the size of the groups and their constitution. You will find on each program our recommendations for maximum efficiency.

Are meals provided?

It is planned that our trainer has a lunch with the participants, in order to continue the exchanges. This lunch will take place at the company’s restaurant or in another restaurant of your choice. It is up to the company to make the reservation and to provide for the payment.

Are there any training materials?

Yes, we provide the materials adapted to the training course. In addition, our Customer Area on the web provides access to videos, explanations, a knowledge base (FAQ) and a request for assistance form (hotline).

Commitments required from participants

Information is requested from the trainees in order to assess their ability to follow the training action, whether it is requested, proposed or committed. These requests will have a direct and necessary link with the training action. The participant is required to respond in good faith.

The trainees are required to follow the courses, evaluation and reflection sessions, practical work and, more generally, all the sequences programmed by KNOWLLENCE, with assiduity and without interruption.

Each trainee is required to fill in the attendance sheet as the training course progresses.

What if I am not satisfied?

In case of dissatisfaction, you can download a claim form here, which will be treated with the greatest attention, as soon as possible, according to an established procedure.

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