What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a “mixed / blended” training process integrating:

  • Live training with the trainer: either in remote or on-site sessions
  • E-learning sessions on a dedicated online platform: Rise Up or your platform


Offer your collaborators more autonomy

    • Your training, at your own pace
    • No more need to schedule XX synchronous sessions

Better monitoring of skill improvements

    • Check the training level
    • Follow and monitor the trainees’ improvements
    • Adaptation of the training: quiz and evaluations

Higher motivation and engagement

    • More stimulating and varied pedagogical tools
    • Become an actor of your training
    • Easy to use

Rigorous training, adapted to your needs

    • Asynchronous training: active, flexible, detailing good practices and tricks, summary sheets
    • Synchronous training: focused on your business issues and needs

Deploy at a larger scale

Maintain your skills over the years with access to our training platform to review your courses and exercises; and to follow a “flash training” course in blended or e-learning mode

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