Témoignage AMDEC process auto nov2023

(Interview from November 2023)


How often do you use our Process FMEA software?

I am a methods technician. Since 2019, I have been using Knowllence’s FMEA Process Software.
The software was chosen following a study carried out by a trainee in the logistics department. Our site is a forerunner compared to our headquarters and the other sites of the group that still continuing to work with Excel.
We are an automotive supplier of structural parts for French utility vehicle brands.
I am the main user of the software and I spend about 10% of my time operating it, carry out Process FMEA studies, monitoring control plans and managing action plans. The FMEA and Reverse FMEA studies are indeed only part of my mission.

What are the key results by using the Process FMEA software?

I have about 85 FMEA Process and Control Plan studies and one generic.
We save time thanks to all automatic changes: for example, updating the calculation of the RPN. The software allows us to give a more professional image to our clients, thanks to the automatic PDF document generator.
It also allows us to jump directly and easily to the content elements that auditors want to see when they come.
The repercussions of changes when we have a new element to assemble or a new process would be quite unmanageable with Excel. Here, I create the new element in the generic and propagate it very easily to the existing studies concerned. I proceed differently when the RPNs are red, for example in the event of a hazard on a product: it is in each study concerned that I manage the dedicated action.

How satisfied are you with our software and Knowllence?

We have been using the software in its standard version for 4 years and it met our needs.
Now that we have hindsight, I was very happy to see that it was possible to make changes. Knowllence developed a tailor-made report to synthesize the actions of several studies in a single document, according to my particular specifications.
I used the hotline service a little more at some point in 2022 for new clarifications or for customer requests: my answers were handled efficiently.

To sum up, I am satisfied with the Robust Manufacturing Software and Knowllence as a supplier.

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