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2022 Knowllence becomes member of NEXTMOVE cluster for Mobility and automotive industry
Renewal of the Bpifrance Excellence label.
2021 French QUALIOPI certification, which attests to the quality of our processes and the services we offer in termes of training.
2019 1rst FMEA webinars with BASSETTI Americas.
1rst booth to Forum FMEA Shanghai, with BASSETTI China.
2018 Knowllence joins the Bassetti Group, headed by David Bassetti. The Knowllence team remains unchanged and is strengthened by the synergy with the group and its presence in China, USA, Canada, Germany and India.
2017 Obtained the “e-Engaged CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility” label from AFNOR.

Knowllence TDC celebrates its 20th anniversary in Paris and invites the explorer Nicolas Vanier to talk about risk management in his expeditions in the far north.

Bpifrance chooses to include Knowllence TDC in the Bpifrance Excellence Club for its innovation potential and its business development prospects.

2007 2007 Canadian Society of Value Analysis (CSVA) Merit Award.
2006 Industrial partner of the R&D project “CoDeKF – Collaborative Design & Knowledge Factory” financed with OSEO and accredited by the Vehicle of the Future Competitiveness Cluster.
2003 Declinations on environmental management according to ISO 14001, risks in the food industry according to HACCP, etc.
2002 First applications in the field of occupational safety and risk assessment: launch of TDC Sécurité.
2001 Registration of the KNOWLENCE brand.
2000 Release of the first results of this R&D project: TDC Suite software and in particular the availability of the TDC engine for risk studies. First version of TDC FMEA.
1998 European research label EUREKA received on the project “PIRAMID” financed by ANVAR and filed with Matradatavision.
1992 INOVA prize awarded by the French Minister of Research at the time, Mr. Hubert Curien.
1990 Activity started under the brand “TDC Software – Knowledge Transfer“
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