BASSETTI Group’s vocation

BASSETTI Group is specialized in the edition and integration of software packages for the industrial world and helps companies from this field to efficiently use their high value-added intangible capital.
BASSETTI Group offers software tools for “End to End” management, addressing the entire value chain of large industrial companies. These innovative and collaborative software suites enable the digitization of the entire technical expertise of companies, including:

  • Digitization of laboratory data
  • Management of materials and R&D data
  • Management of non-conformities and quality standards (ISO, FMEA, etc.)
  • Chemical risk management
  • Additive Manufacturing processes
  • Maintenance data management (SLI – MCO, Troubleshooting, CMMS, etc.)

As the founder of Technical Expertise Management, BASSETTI Group aims to implement methods, IT tools, and processes to structure, consolidate, and enhance this high value-added knowledge within the company.

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