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Over the decades, the automobile has become more reliable and safer despite the widespread use of on-board electronics and the gradual arrival of autonomous vehicles. This success is also the result of the standardization of operational safety methods, which has led to the emergence of international standards. These include:

  • Updated in 2018, ISO 26262 specialized in the safety of EE (Electronic and Electrical) systems
  • Functional Analyses and FMEA

In its 2019 edition, the AIAG FMEA & VDA standard offers a supplement to the Design FMEA to ensure that safety objectives and regulatory requirements (related to safety) are considered and met.

This is the FMEA-MSR (Monitoring and System Response)

This part of the repository is relevant to you if you are developing mechatronic systems (sensor, control unit, actuator or their sub-assemblies) that integrate monitoring/diagnostic and response mechanisms to maintain the safety and/or regulatory compliance of the vehicle.

Of course, the aim is also to supplement the skills of project teams already using the FMEA manual according to AIAG-VDA.

When to use FMEA-MSR?

In particularly, the FMEA-MSR applies to:

  • mechatronic systems that incorporate monitoring/diagnostic and response mechanisms
  • monitoring and response systems, which are active or passive, to collect vehicle diagnostic data
  • systems and associated components incorporating data processing software
  • failure monitoring functions (e.g., out-of-range detections, cyclic redundancy testing/CRCs, concordance checks, and sequence counting tests.)
  • the functions of electrical signals
  • fault response functions
  • hardware and software functions including system status monitoring
  • Fault reaction functions: e.g. providing default values, switching to “limp home” mode, deactivating the corresponding function and/or displaying a warning/signal.
amdec msr avec le logiciel FMEA de Knowllence

Be FMEA-MSR compliant with our web-based FMEA software

The 7 steps of FMEA-MSR are integrated into Robust Engineering Software. In particular, you will find the following tools:

  • The Block Diagram (IBD)
  • The Network Functions and Failures
  • A dedicated FMEA-MSR table with specialized features such as the ability to re-score the severity based on the level of reliability of the monitoring and the response time of the system.

Other tools related to ISO 26262 are also available within our FuSa (functional safety) module, to go beyond the FMEA-MSR:

  • Hara : Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment.
  • FMEDA : Failure modes, effect and Diagnostic Analysis.
bloc diagramme avec le logiciel FMEA de Knowllence
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