Reverse FMEA Training
The trainer team of Knowllence provides for many years training on FMEA Methods (AIAG, VDA, Design, Process). Reverse FMEA is a recent approach to lead your FMEA studies in the plant, as close as possible to the manufacturing process.

Why a Reverse FMEA Training :

  • What is a Reverse PFMEA regarding a FMEA and a solving problems tool?
  • How to implement a Reverse FMEA?
  • Be more proactive in your PFMEA review.

Recommanded time : 1 day on your site, with a maximum of 8 participants.

This training session is usually organised on your site, in English or French
(See the french Programme formation AMDEC inversée)

Introduction and FMEA reminders

  • FMEA: Failure Mode, Effect and (Criticality) Analysis
  • Failures: quick reminder of what a failure is, prevention and detection.
  • Position of FMEA and solving problem tools.
  • Process FMEA (PFMEA): concept and method.

Goals of Reverse FMEA

  • Milestones and deliveries.
  • Review your Process FMEA, implement a REVERSE Process FMEA.
  • How Reverse Process FMEA can help you be more proactive?
  • Reverse PFMEA: definition and purpose, benefits.

Deployement of A Reverse FMEA

  • Plan the deployment.
  • Train the team, prepare the inputs: customize your check list.
  • How to conduct?
  • Failures analysis (Involve the maintenance team)
  • Controls analysis
  • Quality past issues, scraps, complains and capabilities
  • Involve the management : follow up and tracking matrix

Conclusions of training

This training can be conducted in English or in French. You just have to precise the language you choose when ordering the training session. 

Our trainers on the subject of Reverse FMEA are always experimented engineers, with a strong industrial or automotive knowledge. They also train to Design and Process FMEA (AIAG or VDA), and to our FMEA software.

Look at our Quality Charter in terms of Training