By Davy Monticolo, Vincent Hilaire, Abder Koukam et Samuel Gomes, UTBM.

This paper presents a knowledge management experiment realized in an industrial company. Our research concerns the
development of a project memory to capitalize Information and Knowledge created, shared and reused in a product
design project. The project memory is based upon a domain ontology called OntoDesign which enables to easily exploit
it. This is implemented with the Semantic Web technologies in order to provide a framework for the annotation and the
reuse of knowledge. This article describes the design rationale of OntoDesign.

Click here to read:  codekf_ontodesign_KMO07


Logiciels méthodologiques en conception

Logiciel analyse fonctionnelle et AMDEC

Réutiliser et capitaliser le savoir-faire

Génériques Logiciels Knowllence

Webinaire Logiciel Analyse Fonctionnelle

Webinaire Logiciel analyse fonctionnelle Need

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