Knowllence informs that
AIRBUS uses its Worksuite within the Functional Analysis field.

TDC Need software for functional analysis is used
by Airbus in complement to requirement management tool

Knowllence solution integration specialist (software and service) in the field of methodology dedicated to Quality in design, Knowledge Management, Safety and Reliability, announced that AIRBUS, passenger aircraft manufacturer leader operates the Robust Manufacturing Suite in the field of Functional Analysis – this method aims at thoroughly identifying the expected functions of a product.

Airbus Consulting Engineers have already been operating TDC Need software for years, in Toulouse and now consider a cross-border application (France, Germany, United-Kingdom and Spain), to the areas of structure, systems and installation as a whole.

This methodology tool complies with the European standard EN 1325-2. It can be used during workshops with an overhead projector, hence allowing facilitators to progress through the steps and workshop members to focus on the Functional Analysis approach. Leading an appropriate study of the need specifications is facilitated upstream in order to improve the designed product.

The functional requirements result from an exhaustive Functional Analysis and are exported to a requirement management tool selected by AIRBUS, and handled in the same way as other specification requirements.

Consistency, Capitalization, Traceability and multi-languages: Robust Engineering Worksuite consists in a tailored and scalable worksuite solution thanks to high-level customization resulting from development requests, interfacing and experience sharing of prestigious clients such as AIRBUS.

Goux-les-Usiers (Doubs), France, February 3, 2006

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