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Schneider Electric increases the consistency of its worldwide design approach using the TDC tools (robust design)... More


AIRBUS operates the TDC Worksuite in the field of Functional Analysis. The functional requirements result from an exhaustive Functional Analysis and are exported to a requirement management tool selected by AIRBUS, and handled in the same way as other specification requirements. More


Knowllence has been chosen to support Faurecia in its use of the TDC Methodological software for functional analysis, PRA , process/design FMEA and fault trees. More...

Knowllence Distributes and Integrates Methodological Solutions for PLM 2.0

Our team proposes software and services (training, consulting,...) for the Knowledge Management of the methodological data. It mainly concerns : design process, manufacturing process, purchasing process.
The main methods are : Functional Analysis and Requirements Compliance, Design for Six Sigma, RAMS, Innovation, TRIZ, Value Management, Ideas Management.

Users who have chosen Knowllence are among the world's largest automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, medical device, defense & aerospace, and engineering companies.


Our bestsellers

TDC Need
Functional Analysis and Expression of Needs

TDC Structure
Functional Block Diagram - SADT - Internal Functional Analysis

Risk Analysis Software Tool : D & P-FMEA

fault tree analysis, and calculation engine

TDC System
Collaborative platform for system engineering and project management

Notixia MPM
Process Data Management / Manufacturing Process Management


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